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Water can be the enemy!

Orchids are falsely accused by most people of being "difficult" plants that require a lot of work! This couldn't be further from the truth!  While it IS true that orchids require very specific living conditions in order to thrive, it's easy to provide them with their "happy place".  Once this prime location is found, your lovely, low-maintenance orchid will reward you with it's amazing, long-lasting beauty!  

First, you must understand that orchids are very different from other house plants and shouldn't be cared for as such.  Their growing medium is different, they require different light, different amounts of water, different temperatures, etc.  So, here's how to achieve orchid nirvana...first, find a spot in your home that has lots of natural light.  Near a window that let's the sunshine in is best!  Orchids love light but be careful not to over-expose them to too much sun.  When I say a well-lit location in your home, I mean one with bright, filtered sunlight throughout the day, not one that has direct, hot sun coming in.  But, before placing the orchid there, look up!  Check to see if you have an A/C or heat vent that would be blowing air directly on the plant from above.  Orchids don't like to be hit with air drafts - it causes their blooms to dry out and fall off too soon.  So, once you have found a light-filled location where air won't be blowing on it, place your lovely orchid there and walk away!  Seriously, just leave your orchid alone!  Don't mess with it, don't water it, nothing.  They love to be ignored!  You can treat an orchid pretty much like a cactus.  The number one thing that kills an orchid is too much water, so please put the watering can down and step away!  Only water your orchid every 10 days with either a spray bottle of water at the base of the plant and on the leaves (6-12 sprays depending on the size of your orchid) or, you may place 2 ice cubes per plant on the moss bed at the base of the leaves of your orchid.  Either option, every 10 days.  

So, let's recap.  Well-lit location, check.  Out of the way of air vents, check.  Water (with spray bottle or ice cubes) every 10 days, check.  Happy, beautiful, thriving orchid, check, check, check!  See, you can do this!!  Now, fill your home with the beauty of orchids.